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Former Gold's Gym CEO and Current Intelivideo CEO, Adam Zeitsiff, Shares Insight on Leadership and the Future of Fitness

Episode Summary

Adam Zeitsiff is the former CEO of Gold' Gym and the current CEO of Intelivideo, a digital technology platform for gyms and health clubs. He is an entrepreneurial-minded leader and shares with us today how to adapt in times of change, how to lead and pivot during COVID-19, and his vision of the future of fitness.

Episode Notes

Today on Fit Food Junkies Podcast, I interview Adam Zeitsiff, former CEO of Gold's Gym and current CEO of Intelivideo.⁣

Connect with Adam on LinkedIn! ⁣⁣

We Discuss:⁣

-how to adapt during COVID-19 in a leadership role⁣

-the future of fitness⁣

-how to pivot in business⁣

-how to lead ⁣

-how to become a CEO⁣

-virtual fitness⁣

-mindset of a CEO⁣

-how to grow a global enterprise ⁣


...and so much more!